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Laura M. - Parent - Educator

This school is truly the best. I researched and toured every single 5 star daycare/preschool in Tulsa and nothing compared to Stewart Little Day School. 

As a teacher, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a school and found it here at Stewart Little. I had what I thought was an unrealistic vision in my head for what a school should look like. After every single tour and conversation with directors at other schools, I left feeling defeated and disappointed. I knew they could not adequately meet the expectations I had.  

I saw a story in the news about Stewart Little Day School. It looked like the school I had dreamed of but I was hesitant because it was brand new. When I met with Ms. Jess to tour her school I immediately felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. I wasn’t going to have to settle for a school. Before leaving that day, without hesitation, I enrolled my child. 

Her masters degree and knowledge on early childhood education sets her apart from any other school in Tulsa. The kids at her school are more than just a number. She knows how to meet each of their individual needs. The opportunities she provides our children are ones you will not see anywhere else. One example is the farm stand. Children have a hands-on learning experience that will last them a lifetime. Outdoor play is so important for child development and Stewart Little embodies that. I have seen my child’s imagination, independence, empathy, academic, and fine motor skills flourish through her program. He is now old enough for preschool and is beyond ready. 

I would choose this school every single time. If you have any doubts just schedule a tour and talk to Ms. Jess. It will become abundantly clear how knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy she is.

Joy - Parent - Educator

It has been a privilege to be a part of, and be a witness to, the incredible things that are happening at Stewart Little Day School. I currently work there, and, as a former early childhood educator, I can honestly say that this school is certainly a unique and incredible school.  It provides children with ample opportunities for hands-on learning, creative and self-directed play, social-emotional learning, language development, physical development, academic and literary learning, differentiated instruction, and so much more.

Ms. Jess does countless engaging activities with well thought out lesson plans and data-driven assessments.  The activities stimulate the children’s cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills, as well as providing real-world and nature-filled experiences that a lot of schools fail to provide. One example is the farm stand that the children get to participate in seasonally and provide the community with their school-grown produce and freshly picked chicken eggs. Another example is the recipes that students get to make and eat. Lets not forget the STEM-focus and art projects that allow all their senses to be invigorated and allow many opportunities for "a-ha" moments to occur. All of these examples are the reasons why I am so passionate about this school. The school allows children to be creative thinkers and explore their world with all their senses.

I love the school so much that now my little one is attending. He is enjoying the purposeful learning environment along with bonding with the caring Ms. Jess and children. They are a delight. As a parent, it fills my heart with so much joy to know he is receiving an enriching education while having so much fun and being in a safe, loving environment. 

I truly recommend this school for any parent that wants a Montessori- or nature-inspired school that is centered in children's self-discovery through play. You won't be disappointed. It will meet your expectations and more!